LinkedIn Rolls Out New Conversion Tracking Feature

The day has finally come – LinkedIn has rolled out their own (proper) conversion tracking solution!

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Conversion Tracking Feature
Author: Jamie Hallitt
Date: 14th July 2016
Categories: Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Network Advertising

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

A key sticking point for LinkedIn advertisers is that there hasn’t been an effective way of tracking on-site conversions other than through Google Analytics… until now.

LinkedIn appears to be rolling out this update already and there is now an up-to-date conversion tracking section on the LinkedIn Help site.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

The LinkedIn Insight Tag – Overview page explains how the conversion tracking function is powered by the LinkedIn Insight Tag, which is Javascript code that needs to be placed onto every page of the advertiser’s website.

Setting up conversions

In Campaign Manager, advertisers can set up conversions such as white paper downloads, event registrations and form completions for the accounts. In addition to the standard first-click conversion tracking, advertisers can also view post-click and view-through conversion data, in order to generate more insightful and “complete” data.

In order to start setting up conversions, advertisers will need to:

  • Navigate to Campaign Manager Select the account they want to add a conversion to
  • Select “Conversion tracking" at the top-right of the page
  • Enter the domain URL that they want to track
  • Copy the tag provided and paste it onto every page on the website (or the website’s global footer)
  • Specify the conversion name, type and URLs
  • Save the conversion

Whenever an advertiser creates a new campaign, the Conversion option will appear to give them to opportunity to associate a conversion with the new campaign. If there are multiple conversions set up, a list will appear and all that’s needed is for the advertiser to click the checkbox next to the relevant conversion name to add it to the new campaign.

Conversion types & values

When an advertiser sets up conversions, LinkedIn will ask users to specify the “conversion type”, of which there are the following options:

  • Lead
  • Signup
  • Purchase
  • Add-to-cart
  • Download
  • Install
  • Key page view
  • Other

Advertisers can also specify conversion values to help track ROI, although this figure is specified in USD, which is not ideal for advertisers outside of the US, but much better than nothing at all.

Verifying domains

When a new conversion is created, the system will need to wait for an associated domain or URL to be visited in order to check whether or not the LinkedIn Tag has been placed on the website correctly. Once occurs, the domain will be listed in Campaign Manager as “Verified”. Until this happens, the domain will be marked as “Unverified” and it can take up to 24 hours after the first conversion to update the status of the domain.

There is a full guide on how to set up LinkedIn conversion tracking on the LinkedIn Help site, which can be found here:, along with links to other useful information relating to conversion tracking.

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