Taylorcocks Accountants: Improving & expanding campaigns

"The London Digital Agency team have managed our PPC campaigns for several years and have produced consistently impressive results. They have essentially become an extension of our marketing team at Taylorcocks."

Improving & expanding campaigns


  • Increase the volume of leads from the campaigns
  • Improve the efficiency of the PPC campaigns
  • Facilitate and manage the expansion of the PPC campaigns

Our Approach

In order to achieve the objectives above, we have worked closely with the Taylorcocks marketing team to identify the areas of their business that they want to grow. We set out clear objectives for the campaigns and put in place targets to achieve each month, to continuously improve the performance of the campaigns.

The work we have carried out for Taylorcocks includes:

  • Account re-structures
  • PPC strategy reviews
  • Bidding strategies & bid management
  • Ad split testing
  • Quality Score improvement
  • Landing page design & implementation
  • Advanced remarketing audiences
  • Conversion rate optimisation

Taylorcocks were already using a well-established PPC agency to manage their campaigns when we met them, however they weren’t getting the service they needed; we work closely with our clients, getting to know the business inside out before we try to help them grow. This made all the difference for Taylorcocks, as they have always had ambitious plans for growth and needed an agency that could be an instrumental part of this growth.

The Results

We have significantly increased the number of leads being generated from the PPC campaigns; despite the seasonal trend of leads decreasing in the lead up to Christmas, the campaigns have managed to consistently maintain growth in lead volumes.

The results of our work to improve the efficiency of the campaigns were extremely positive; the conversion rate has gone from just under 2.00% to around 7.00% and this has been key to the success of the campaigns.

The progress we have made over the last year or so is evident when comparing year-on-year performance; every month has produced significantly more conversions than the same month in the previous year. We expect to see this progress continue with Taylorcocks and are excited about their future.

Key stats
  • Average monthly increase in conversions: 25%
  • Average annual increase in conversions: 171%
  • Total monthly increase in conversions since 2015: 372%
  • Total number of leads generated in 2015: 907

If you want to find out how we can generate similar results for your organisations, get in touch with us here.

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Improving & expanding campaigns

"The knowledge & experience of the guys at The LDA surpasses that of other agencies I have worked with; their service is more pro-active and the results spoke for themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending them."
Richard Keyes - Managing Director