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“We got everything we were looking for & were really impressed with The LDA”

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  • Educate staff around how each element and function within AdWords works
  • Educate team around the purpose and role of each type of advertising tactic and method within the digital marketing strategy
  • Train the team how to analyse data quickly and accurately across multiple platforms
  • Train the team how to optimise each element of the campaigns based on data


In order to achieve the objectives above, Serenity Digital put together a bespoke consultancy plan for Core and spent a full day with their marketing team to deliver a well-structured, informative, consultative session organised around Core’s requirements. During the day of consultancy, we covered:

  • Introduction to PPC
  • PPC strategy
  • Building Campaigns
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Bid Management
  • Ad Split Testing
  • Improving Quality Score Landing Pages
  • Key Metrics & KPIs

Whilst we had put together a plan and agenda for the day, naturally the Core team had questions and these were addressed accordingly as we discussed the various topics on the agenda. This allowed us to share as much knowledge and expertise as possible, whilst ensuring that the Core team understood every element of each topic enough to implement valuable changes to their campaigns.

After our day together, we provided Core with some extra support to help them plan a re-structure of their campaigns and implement a large number of changes to their account, in order to improve its performance.

“We fully expect to use the knowledge and understanding gained from our session with The LDA; we have already set up internal meetings to assign actions and effectively re-build our campaigns.

We have also agreed to have another session with our consultant in 3-6 months’ time to review our progress with the campaigns."- Mike McDaid, Core Technology Systems Limited

The Core team now have the more advanced level of knowledge they need in order to improve their PPC campaigns and the results from the changes are extremely promising.

If you need some expert advice and want to talk to a PPC consultant today, get in touch with us here.

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"The responsiveness to change the session as we went along and really focus on parts we had less understanding of stood out to us. I have attended other AdWords sessions previously but they didn’t explain it as simply as our consultant was able to."
Michael McDaid - Marketing Manager