Paid Search

We use a vast range of different paid search ads to drive traffic and generate leads & sales through Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Paid Search Tactics

As a part of an overarching PPC strategy, paid search ads tend to have specific roles to help you get the results you're looking for, so we leverage all of the available tools and functions to ensure that the campaigns achieve and exceed the expected results, including:

  • Bid management
  • Geographical targeting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ad extensions
  • Conversion tracking

We focus our paid search strategies around your business objectives, to ensure that we are always working towards generating relevant results. Often this requires the use of a certain type of paid search ad. Here are some examples of the types of ads that we might implement:

  • Brand protection ads - bidding on your brand name to prevent competitors from being the first business that users see when they search for you
  • Competitor ads - bidding on your competitors’ brand names and related terms to entice your competitors’ customers to explore your products or services
  • Promotional ads - highlighting special offers and promotions within the ads to drive sales
  • Call-to-action ads - encouraging users to click on ads and carry out an onsite action
  • Call-only ads - mobile ads which allow users to call you directly from an ad instead of visiting your website
  • Device-preferred ads - ads that are specifically set up to perform well on mobile, with more concise ad text and a focus on call to actions

Bid Management

Bidding strategies

The bidding strategy we put in place will depend on your objectives - for example, if your objective is to improve brand awareness, we would be more likely to bid aggressively to achieve the top position, whereas if your objective is to improve your ROI, we would implement a bidding strategy that allows us to achieve a more profitable cost per click.

Mobile bid adjustments

There is often a huge contrast between the performance of paid search ads on mobiles and desktops/tablets. This is due to a large number of contributing factors that we consider when we set up campaigns that target mobile users. Often your ads will only achieve a high click through rate (CTR) if your ad appears in the top positions. Mobile bid adjustments can help us to achieve the top positions on mobile without having to bid more aggressively on desktops; they also allow us to exclude mobile traffic if you do not wish to target mobile users.

Geographical Targeting

Within AdWords, we can target people based on the location that Google has matched them to, which helps us to define a more granular target audience for your campaigns. We can specify which locations to target as well as targeting a radius around multiple locations.

Ad Scheduling

Not all businesses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your paid search campaigns need to reflect that. We can schedule your ads to run during the hours that suit you and we can even set up bid adjustments for certain hours of the day and days of the week, based on how your campaigns perform during these times and days.

For example, if you find that most of your leads come through on a Tuesday, but your average position is low on Tuesdays, we will set up a bid adjustment to help your ads achieve a higher position on Tuesdays, because we know that people are more likely to contact you then.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow us to add elements to your ads that will encourage users to click through, whilst also making the area your ad covers on the SERPs much larger, which again will further increase the likelihood of people clicking on your ad. Here are some examples of ad extensions we might set up for you:

  • Sitelink extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Structured snippets
  • Review extensions
  • App extensions

Conversion Tracking

Creating the most well-structured, water-tight campaigns is pointless if you don’t have conversion tracking setup; you need to know which campaigns are producing the best results and which areas of your campaigns need to be optimised further.

We will setup conversion tracking using either Google Analytics (GA), Google Tag Manager and/or Google AdWords, in order to ensure that we can attribute any great results your campaigns produce, to the right campaign, ad group, ad and keyword. We can then use this data to focus our time on the best performing areas of your account to improve results more efficiently.

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