Remarketing allows us to target past visitors of your website and serve ads based on their behaviour on your website. Nurture your prospects, improve customer retention and up-sell products and services existing customers.

How remarketing works

We can track everyone who visits your website in Google Analytics and create audiences using dozens of filters and segmenting options. These audiences are completely customisable and allow us to target visitors carrying out a specific action on your website. For example, visiting a certain service page, spending a long time on your website, downloading a brochure and so on.

We can then create image and text ads in AdWords that will appear on sites & apps in the Google Display Network (GDN) and in Google's search results, targeting the audience that we have created in Google Analytics.

Remarketing on the Google Display Network (GDN)

The large majority of people who visit your website won’t contact you or carry out the action you want them to.

People like to carry out research and perform online comparisons between you and your competitors, so it’s important to stand out from your competitors by reminding your website visitors (i.e. potential clients) that you exist and encourage them to return to your website to find out more about you. You can do this by showing your previous website visitors ads on the Google Display Network through remarketing. Remarketing campaigns will encourage your visitors to go back onto your website and contact you.

Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)

Using audiences created in Google Analytics, we have the ability to re-target ads towards past visitors of your website when they search for anything relevant on Google. For example:

  1. User visits your site and navigates to a specific page or carries out an action that suggests they have an active interest in your products/services
  2. User is added to a Google Analytics Audience
  3. Ads created in AdWords to target that audience with ads relating to content/action carried out on the site
  4. User searches for something related to your products/services on Google and the personalised ad is served
  5. User visits your site and carries out a transaction or contacts you

RLSAs are extremely effective at encouraging users to move down the sales funnel; i.e. taking people from being potentially interested in your products/services, to being a hot lead. Getting the audience targeting right and the ad copy as relevant and engaging as possible is key to the success of these campaigns.

Customer Match – New!

In late 2015, Google introduced the ability to target users by email address, which was considered a “game-changer” for advertisers, as it allows us to target specific, known individuals with ads for the first time.

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