Mobile Advertising

The use of mobile to find, research and obtain products and services has become one the most important trends in digital marketing this decade.

Mobile searches on Google have overtaken desktop searches; this is significant for any advertiser. Luckily, we know how to leverage this trend to improve the performance of pay per click campaigns and re-shift our focus to capitalise on mobile trends.

The impact that smartphones have had on how people discover, research obtain products and services is huge and it means that advertisers now have to adjust pay per click strategies to account for the disruption that the increasing use of smartphones has caused to the way we have traditionally advertised online.

Optimising campaigns for mobile

Advertisers need to ensure that their paid search campaigns take into account the effect mobile has had on how people search for products and services. It is important for mobile performance to be measured separately to desktop traffic and therefore targeted in different ways to reflect user behaviour on each device.

Some of the work we can do to improve the performance of paid search ads on mobiles includes:

  • Creating mobile-preferred ads
  • Setting up device bid adjustments
  • Creating call-only ads
  • Setting up mobile-specific ad extensions
  • Sending users to mobile-specific or fully responsive landing pages

Mobile app promotion

As well as tailoring PPC campaigns to allow for mobile traffic trends, advertisers also have the ability to promote mobile apps, with pay per click campaigns designed specifically to drive app downloads and increase app usage.

We can promote mobile apps not only in Google's search results, but also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Google Display Network (GDN). We can create a strategy tailored to your objectives.

For example, if your objective is to drive as many downloads as possible, our strategy might include targeting a large audience with a conservative bidding strategy. Alternatively, if your objective is to generate downloads from users that are likely to engage with your app on a regular basis, we may put a more aggressive bidding strategy in place to obtain downloads from a more granular audience, based on the demographic data of your existing and previous app users.

Whatever your objective, we can create and implement a strategy to help you make the most of the impact that mobile usage has had on user behaviour online and through apps. Contact us today to find out more about our mobile services.