Landing Pages

Landing pages that are created specifically for PPC traffic can convert leads and sales at a higher rate than unoptimised websites.

Landing Page Design

If you're sending traffic to a website that hasn't been optimised for PPC traffic, you may be losing out on potential enquiries. The most effective landing pages always consist of:

  • A headline that is relevant to the ad that was clicked on
  • A relevant image to your brand or products/services
  • An simple and easy-to-use enquiry form with a clear call-to-action
  •  Your phone number with call tracking in place
  • A summary of your brand, what your organisation provides & your USPs
  • A simple and clean design using on-brand colour schemes & imagery

These are the key elements of an effective landing page and are used in all of the landing pages that we create.

Split Testing

People have different preferences for websites and landing pages and there will always be differences of opinion around whether one page looks "better" than another; split-testing landing pages is a way of disregarding the preferences of the advertiser and basing decisions about the quality of a landing page on accurate data instead.

We carry out ongoing split-tests on changes to landing pages to ensure that each element of a landing page is as good as it can be.

This means that instead of testing two completely different landing pages against each other, we send an equal amount of traffic to two pages that are identical except for one single element, to determine whether or not visitors are more likely to convert because of that one changed element. This is what helps us to accurately measure the impact of small changes and generate higher conversion rates for our clients, continuously over time.

If your conversion rate isn't as high as you think it could be, or you'd like to start split-testing different versions of your landing pages, get in touch with an expert.