One-Off Projects

The LDA provides a one-off consultancy service to organisations managing PPC campaigns in-house and organisations who need help with the initial stages of their PPC campaigns.

One-Off Consultancy

Whether you are starting up a PPC campaign and need help with your strategy, or have a fully-operational in-house PPC team and would like to review your team's performance, we can provide you with some expert advice and consultancy as a one-off project to help you achieve your objective.

Our one-off project service is designed for any organisation that needs advice or assistance without any ongoing support. This may be relevant to you and/or your organisation if any of the following are true:

  • You want to start a PPC campaign but don't have a strategy in place
  • You want to start a PPC campaign but want an expert to set it up for you
  • You want to review the effectiveness of your in-house PPC campaign management
  • You manage PPC campaigns yourself want to get some external advice to help you improve performance

Our one-off projects come with a fixed fee, based solely on the amount of time you need from our consultants. There is no obligation to employ our services on an ongoing basis however there will always be the opportunity to re-engage with our consultants, should you require ad hoc advice or support.

"We fully expect to use the knowledge and understanding gained from our session with The LDA; we have already set up internal meetings to assign actions and effectively re-build our campaigns based on their advice." - Michael McDaid, Marketing Manager at Core Technology Systems

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you with a one-off PPC project, get in touch with one of our consultants here.