Ongoing Support

We can provide ongoing support and advice on an ad hoc or regular basis, depending on your requirements.

Ongoing & Ad Hoc Consultancy

If you have the resource to manage your pay per click (PPC) campaigns internally, you may need some support from time-to-time to ensure that your campaigns perform as well as they can.

Some of our clients have internal marketing teams and plenty of time to manage their campaigns in-house, but don't have the extensive knowledge and experience that full-time PPC consultants can offer. If this sounds familiar to you, then we would recommend that you engage with an agency to review campaign performance and strategy on an ongoing basis.

This allows you to manage your campaigns yourself and expand your PPC knowledge over time, whilst having the support of an agency to ensure that you follow best practice and manage your campaigns efficiently.

Our support in Practice

One of our clients, Core Technology Systems, initially only wanted some advice on how to set up campaigns in AdWords and manage them effectively, but found that their time with our consultant so valuable that they decided to arrange regular reviews with our consultants:

"In our initial consultation, we got everything we wanted and were really impressed with The LDA. As a result, we have agreed to have another session with our consultant in 3-6 months’ time to review our progress with the campaigns."

- Michael McDaid, Marketing Manager at Core Technology Systems

If you manage your campaigns in-house and would like to have the ongoing support of an agency, contact us here to arrange an initial consultation.