PPC for Professional Services

As a Google Partner, The London Digital Agency is able to provide a fully comprehensive PPC management service for the professional service industry.

Our expertise & approach

Having worked with a vast range of businesses - including accountants, law firms and IT support providers - we have built up a deep understanding of how to generate new business for organisations in the professional services sector.

When we meet with you, our aim is to establish your primary and secondary objectives, identify your target market and evaluate the most efficient way to engage with your target market in order to achieve your objectives. With this information, we will then put together a detailed, bespoke PPC strategy for you.

Our team has extensive experience in planning, creating and managing PPC campaigns across all the major advertising platforms for businesses in the professional services industry and can devise an intelligent and robust PPC strategy with you to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Approach In Practice

If our client is a law firm operating within London, with a primary objective of generating high value leads, we might set up the following:

  • Location specific keywords
  • Location specific ads
  • Location specific landing pages
  • Location specific remarketing
  • Service specific keywords
  • Service specific ads
  • Service specific landing pages
  • Service specific remarketing
  • Location & service specific keywords
  • Location & service specific ads
  • Location & service specific landing pages
  • Location & service specific remarketing

For example, if a user searches for a business dispute resolution solicitor in Knightsbridge, we will display an ad to that user which specifically refers to our client as a business dispute resolution solicitor in Knightsbridge. If the user clicks on the ad, they would be taken to a landing page that presents our client as a business dispute resolution solicitor in Knightsbridge. If the user does not then context the law firm, they will be retargeted with ads that encourage them to return to the landing page and submit their enquiry.

This simple, yet effective tactic informs users that our client is able to provide the service they are looking for and that they are the right business for the job.

Google says we’re good

Well-structured, well-built and well-managed campaigns are what we do best - and Google agrees with us! We have a great relationship with Google and if you ever feel you need some extra insight into either your campaign performance, or our management of your campaigns, we can arrange for Google to talk through any concerns you have.

Google knows if an agency is doing their job well or not and we are proud to say that we work closely with Google to ensure that we’re delivering the most strategically and technologically advanced campaigns as possible.

Our clients say we’re great

Here are some quotes from a few of our clients:

“The London Digital Agency have managed our PPC campaigns for several years and have produced consistently impressive results. They have become an extension of our marketing team here at Taylorcocks.”
Richard Keyes, Managing Director of Taylorcocks Chartered Accountants.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about how PPC can help your business grow, or want to see how you can make your existing campaigns perform to their potential, arrange a free consultation with one our qualified experts here.