Paid Search & Display For eCommerce

Paid Search & Display campaigns can be used to improve brand awareness, drive qualified traffic to a website and generate high volumes of online sales.

Paid Search & Display Advertising

Display advertising and paid search campaigns can play a vital role in your wider eCommerce digital marketing operations. Each channel has a role to play in your overall strategy and can be used to achieve different objectives.

Display Advertising For eCommerce

Running display advertising campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN) can be a highly effective way of improving brand awareness and driving cheap, yet qualified, traffic to your eCommerce website.

By identifying the interests, behaviours and demographics of your customers, you can target your display campaigns to your target market; serving ads to an audience which is more likely to engage with your ads and, ultimately, purchase products from your site.

Paid Search For eCommerce

Paid search campaigns can produce excellent results for eCommerce sites if your tactics are considered carefully; here are some examples of tactics that we have used for our clients:

Bidding on product names

The most effective and efficient way of generating direct sales through your website is to bid on the names of your products. Users who search the names of products are usually either researching the product or are ready to buy it; either way, by serving ads to these users there is a high likelihood that they will purchase from your website, as their search terms suggest that they intend to purchase the product(s) that your site sells.

Bidding on product descriptions

Sometimes people need to buy something but aren't sure what it's called, or they know they want to buy a certain type of product, but aren't clear as to which exact product they want or need to buy. By mapping out the thought process that your customers may go through before making the decision to purchase your products, you will be able to identify long tail keywords that are usually far less competitive (and therefore cost less to bid on) and don't

Bidding on product brand names

If your website sells products that are made by a range of different brands, it's often a good idea to bid on those brand names so that you can encourage users to buy product(s) from your website, rather than from the brand's own site, or indeed from a competitor's site. This may be a particularly effective tactic if you are able to sell branded products for a lower price than your competitors or than brand themselves.

These are just three examples of simple paid search and display advertising tactics that we could use to help you drive sales to your eCommerce site. If you need help with promoting your brand, increasing your sales or improving your ROI, get in touch with a PPC expert today.