Our History

Established 10 years ago in 2006 under a different brand, The London Digital Agency has maintained a professional approach to marketing, whilst developing as an agency alongside new technologies and marketing trends.

The Early Years

The London Digital Agency started out as a traditional marketing agency, trading under a different name. Since then, the company has transitioned into a digital marketing agency specialising in PPC.

The London Digital Agency was created by a former marketing manager of a Top 100 UK accountancy firm, after identifying a gap in the market for a local marketing agency with a specific focus on lead generation. The business grew quickly and thrived in the vibrant and fast-moving B2B marketing sector.

Going Digital

As digital marketing began to emerge as a serious channel for clients, The LDA began to offer digital marketing services in conjunction with more traditional marketing methods. Within a few years, traditional B2B marketing became an extremely competitive field and it was at this point that The LDA recognised the true potential of digital marketing and predicted how it would overtake more traditional marketing channels in the future. Traditional marketing methods remain to this day effective channels for some businesses, however the skills and expertise developed within the team made it an obvious move for The LDA to transition itself into a digital marketing agency.

Becoming PPC Specialists

As the internet and online technology developed, digital marketing expanded to encompass a wide variety of online marketing methods and channels. Pay per click (PPC) became an important factor in the success of our clients' digital marketing campaigns and therefore presented itself as an obvious choice for a specialist area for the business to focus on.

Providing SEO, social media management, PPC, email marketing and various other services meant that The LDA was a "full service agency". This seemed like a positive thing in principle, however it become obvious that PPC alone was the channel that the team excelled at and ultimately produced by far the best results for clients. It was for this reason that the decision was made for the business to focus solely on providing the best - and most comprehensive - PPC management service possible.

Establishing The London Digital Agency

The development of the services provided by The LDA happened over several years and in that time the digital marketing industry had seen significant growth. The number of digital marketing agencies in the UK moved into the tens of thousands and the market changed considerably in terms of the characteristics of the "average" digital marketing agency.

After carrying out extensive market research to identify the features of a digital marketing agency that organisations look, the results showed that issues like location, branding and professionalism were high on the agenda. This led to the question of whether or not the old brand lived up the expectation of future potential clients. As a result, a rebrand to "The London Digital Agency" - or "The LDA" for short - took place so that the image of the business reflected the capabilities of the team and the unique approach to to pay per click.

The journey is not - and may never be -  complete, however we look forward to working with new, exciting organisations and developing our agency further to deliver an increasingly effective service offering. If you want to be a part of our future, get in touch with us here.