Our Approach

We’re not like most digital marketing agencies; we don’t have a “quirky” brand, wear shorts and flip-flops in the office, or have an office dog. We spend less time trying to present ourselves as a cool, “hipster” agency and more time focusing on what matters - our clients.


Our approach to PPC is uniquely based completely on objectives and progress. These are the two pillars of our services and are deeply rooted into everything that we do.

When a PPC agency talks about increasing conversion rates, maximising impression share and improving Quality Score, it’s sometimes difficult for the average business owner or marketing manager to understand what they’re talking about. It’s also often a challenge to understand how any of these metrics have any real meaning or relevance to the success achieved by their campaigns.

Rather than deciding ourselves how to measure the success of the campaigns that we run, instead we ask you what you want to achieve, what you would describe as a valuable result and how you would most accurately evaluate whether the campaigns we run are successful.

With this in mind, we set clear objectives for your campaigns to ensure that they are implemented with the right end goal in mind and allow you to decide for yourself whether we are doing a good job or not - without the distraction of having to work out what “CPA”, “ROAS” and “Av. Pos.” stand for.


Being consistently good is not enough for us; we are competitive folk and always strive to achieve more. For us, this means that even if your campaigns are performing better than they ever have, we will endeavour to identify ways to further improve their performance. Similarly, if your campaigns are not providing the return on investment that you’re looking for, we will work hard to identify ways to improve your ROI.

Eventually, objectives are achieved and there comes a point when new objectives are required in order to continue making progress. For example, one of your objectives may have been to increase online sales or leads by 50%; once this has been achieved, we would work with you to set new objectives, based on what we have achieved so far. This ensures that we are always working towards an objective and always progressing and improving your campaigns.

Communication & Reporting

Implementing highly effective work is meaningless if our clients don’t know about it and aren’t aware of the campaigns’ achievements, so we like to talk to our clients as frequently as conveniently possible. It’s also extremely important to us to be just as transparent when your campaigns aren’t performing so well; this happens from time-to-time and it’s our job to ensure that you’re aware of any decline in performance and what we are doing to improve it.

Our reports are focused on objectives & progress and aim to answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the campaigns?
  • How does each individual campaign play a part in achieving these objectives?
  • What have we done in the reporting period to achieve those objectives?
  • Have we achieved the objectives?
  • How will we continue to make progress with the campaigns?

We compile monthly, quarterly and annual reports for our clients, depending on what is most useful to them and how frequently their objectives are likely to change. In addition to this, we will produce reports for specific time periods on an ad hoc basis to help our clients present the performance of the campaigns to their stakeholders.

If you like the sound of our approach and think you might be a good fit for us, contact us here and arrange a meeting.